Application for Boy's Camp

15384 North Church Road
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Please note: If you are filling out an online application, you must pay by use of PayPal. The email you provide below must match the email of the payment received so we know who the payment is for. If you have filled out an application but did not pay, please follow this link and click the Donate picture. Enter in the amount for the application.

Full Name of Camper:
Age of Camper:
T-Shirt Size of Camper (please specify with child or adult size):
Name of Parent or Guardian:
Phone Number:
Relationship to the boy enrolled:
Email Address (The Email of Contact and PayPal Payment):

The camp staff take every possible precaution to ensure the safety and well being of your child, but in the off chance that an accident should happen, we ask you to please review and sign your acceptance of this medical release form.

I/We relieve Saint Joseph Seminary, Inc. (a non-profit Idaho Corporation), its administration and staff, of all responsibility for my/our child in the event of accident or unforeseen injury or mishap. I/We hereby release Saint Joseph Seminary, Inc., and/or any authorized agent thereof from liability for authorizing admittance and/or medical treatment of my/our above-named child in my absence.

I/We hereby assume all financial liability for such services as may be authorized by Saint Joseph Seminary, Inc. and/or any authorized agent thereof for the health care of my/our child, as specified above, when I/we are not present and/or cannot be reached.

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