The Faculty of St. Joseph Minor Seminary

Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI

A member of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen since 1972, Fr. Benedict brings many years of teaching experience to the seminary. Fr. Benedict is the rector of St. Joseph Seminary and will teach Latin and English in the minor seminary this year. He also teachers in our major seminary. He is also the pastor of Mary Immaculate Queen Parish and editor of the Reign of Mary magazine.

Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI

Father Gabriel joined the seminary faculty this year (2023), after spending the past 10 years as pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Akron, Ohio. Fr. Gabriel was ordained to the holy priesthood on May 31, 2003. Since then he has served in several different parishes of the Congregation. Father Gabriel is the spiritual director of the seminary and also teaches choir. In addition, he is a professor in our major seminary and travels to Montana, Utah, and Alberta on weekends, to provide Mass and sacraments for those who do not have a resident priest.

Father M. Aloysius Hartman, CMRI

Father Aloysius was ordained to the holy priesthood May 11th, 2023. He is also a member of the religious congregation, having made final profession of vows. A former student of Saint Joseph Seminary, he is teaching theology to the seminarians this year and continues seminary studies in the major seminary.

Frater Alphonsus M. Vincent, CMRI

Frater Alphonsus is also a member of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen and a subdeacon. He is likewise a graduate of Saint Joseph Seminary. Frater Alphonsus continues to pursue his own studies for the priesthood and also assists the faculty in the minor seminary.

Frater Martin M. Sentman, CMRI

Frater Martin is a member of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen and a major seminarian in minor orders. As he continues to pursue his studies in preparation for the priesthood, Frater Martin is also the Physical Education teacher for the minor seminarians as well as Dean of Students.

Mr. Gerard Keaveney

Mr. Gerard Keaveney has been teaching in the minor seminary for the past 9 years. After many years of experience in the business world, he now dedicates his time and talents to instructing the seminarians. Mr. Keaveney is our math and government teacher.

Mr. David Hyde

Mr. David Hyde comes to the seminary with a variety of teaching experiences. He taught at the CMRI school in Tacoma for two years and has most recently been teaching at the CMRI school at MIQ in Rathdrum. This is his first opportunity to teach at the seminary and will teach physical science.

Mrs. Rosalinda Salgado

Mrs. Salgado has been the secretary and registrar for the seminary (as well as parish secretary) for the past 21 years. She also teaches the seminarians speech and keyboarding, and provides that motherly touch so much needed by young men away from home.

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